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Going Green is not just for
the warmer months

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It is for winter months too

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Our Site Can Help You Save Money on Your
Heating and Electric Bills

Click here to find about options

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Help save the environment too!

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There are many low cost heating
solutions on the market these days
that promote green living

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Traditional Fireplaces and Pellet or Wood
Stoves can be nice but not
easy to install, maintain or use

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You Save $$

They Are Easy To Install

They Are Generally Much Safer

They Require Less Maintenance

The Generally Have A Low Purchase Price

Some of the Benefits of
Energy-Efficient Heaters:

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Being Energy Efficient is not just for
the colder months

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It is for Spring and Summer too! We offer Energy-Saving
options to keep you cool during the day...
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and keep you and your family cool
and comfortable at night!
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So let our site help you,
your family and pets
enjoy a comfortable
warm cozy winter
and cool summer

Our site is a resource for energy-efficient heaters, heating & cooling
solutions and other natural energy-saving options

Save on Heating Your Bills With These Wall Panel Heaters
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Resource for the Best Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heater & Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. Our site is a resource for energy efficient heating and cooling solutions and other natural energy-saving options. Heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more. Wall Panel Heaters are a great low cost option for an Energy-Efficient Heater. You can save a lot of money on your heating bills with these energy efficient heating heaters. Read our Amaze-Heater vs. Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater Review. So get a few for your rooms and turn the thermostat down! We also offer options for going green, solar power, energy efficient generators and more. What are the most energy-efficient cooling options? We offer several types from energy efficient air conditioners that are for your window and some portable indoor/outdoor air coolers as well as low cost and powerful Air Circulator Fans.

Our Most Popular and Best Heaters: The Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heaters

Have Your Furnace Start Less Often Or Not At All! Some offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

The Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heaters really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start far less often in the winter or not start at all depending on the weather! There are days were all you will need are the wall panel heaters to heat your home. The pros outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters. The Amaze-Heaters and Cozy-Heaters even offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option! Click here to read more.

Amaze-Heater & Cozy-Heater Ezymount Heater Mounting System

The Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

No difficult, messy installation or need to hire a handyman. Quick and easy! It works for 250, 400 and 600 watt size Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater wall panel heaters. A definite advantage for this type of heater!

New! Outdoor Heating

See All Outdoor Heating – Deck Heaters, Patio Heaters and More

New!! Portable Fireplaces

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The Many Benefits of Energy Efficient Heaters

Here's just some of the many benefits of Benefits of an Energy Efficient Heater:

  • You Save $$
    As the heaters and heating options suggested at this site are energy efficient, you will be able to turn down your thermostat and save money
  • They Are Easy To Install
    Many of these heaters and heating options are easy to install...some take minutes and/or you just mount and plug them in
  • They Are Generally Much Safer
    While of course there's no guarantees with any in life...for example the wall panel heaters are much safer than a pellet or wood stove
  • They Require Less Maintenance
    Most of the heating options suggested at this site don't need the maintenance that fireplaces and the like require
  • They Generally Have A Low Purchase Price
    Many wall panel heaters are under $100 and are very energy efficient

About Energy Efficient Heaters and Cooling Options: Our Mission

As site owner...I believe in going green and energy conservation. Over a decade ago I start using wall panel heaters to heat most rooms in my home and was quite pleased with the result. Over the years I told contractors, friends and others about these Energy Efficient heaters and was shocked that no one heard of them before. As I still run into people who don't know they can use these Energy Efficient heaters to reduce their utility bills and energy consumption I decided to make it my mission to let people know that these low cost, safe, easy to use heaters and options exist. There's Energy Efficient cooling options too. Click here to read more...

Your Resource for Heating Solutions

Let our site help you, your family and pets enjoy a warm comfortable winter. Our site is a resource for energy-efficient heaters, heating solutions and other natural energy-saving options. We have many types of energy-saving heaters.

The Types of Energy-Efficient Heaters

We offer several types of energy efficient heaters including:

  • Wall Panel Heaters
  • Fan Oscillating Dish Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Space Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces
  • Heaters for Power Outages
  • Energy Efficient Gas Heaters
  • Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50
Cold Weather Gear for You, Your Home, and Your Pet.

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Many Types of Energy-Efficient Heaters For All Budgets - Save $$ Now!!

Low cost, safe, easy to use heater options do exist. Please review this web site and find out about all your options here from energy-saving low cost wall panel heaters to electric fireplaces that also serve as beautiful entertainment centers to affordable low cost options for Heaters for Power Outages.

In typical-sized rooms (10×10 or 12×12) with a closed door, these Energy-Efficient Heaters really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start less often in the winter. The pros outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters…
If you like the traditional beauty of a fireplace but want to be Energy Efficient you are in luck as today there are Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces. There’s models that are book cases and entertainment centers. Some even mount on your wall. These provide both and beauty. Here a few options below. There’s many available for all budgets.
Worried about power outages and no electricity in the winter? Below is a great gas/propane heater option that is vent-free, doesn’t need electricity, easy to install and more great features
Well they are not that pretty but there’s many great options for Energy Efficient Space Heaters. To the right is the one I like and use. But there’s many more option for under $100...
If you are looking to save money and save energy then one of these Energy saving Fan Oscillating Dish Heaters for well under $100 may work for you...
Solar power is still quite pricey but it doesn’t hurt to look at the options. If one can afford it then it may be the best answer for your needs. Visit our store today to see these heating options as well as other great solar-powered products like lighting, generators, chargers and more...

Energy-Efficient Options for the Warmer Months

When Spring and Summmer arrive and the hot weather returns....will you prepared?

Beat The Heat This Summer with Contour Products Cool To The Touch Pillow, Cases, Seating Solutions and More

The warm weather doesn't mean you should forget about being energy-efficient. Quite the contrary and we offer several possibilities to accomplish this, save money and best of all...Stay Cool and Comfortable:

An Alternative to AC: The Air Circulator Fan

For rooms where you can't or just don't have AC...the Air Circulator Fan is really the next best thing and low cost too. It's a bit different and better than typical fans that just blow air. The Air Circulator Fan really circulates the air throughout the room and thus cooling the room. The Vornado is the one I like the best. I was so impressed with the first one I bought a second one! Here's some to consider below. Click here to see all:

The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners – Not All Are The Same!

Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies and Odors

Not all Air Conditioners are Energy-Efficient and neither are all Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners alike. The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners offer more for your money. There's a lot to consider like the size of the room you plan to put an Air Conditioner in. For example, if you put an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner meant for a small room into a large room it will not work efficiently. Some have different modes of operation like a dehumidify mode that can get rid of humidity quicker than an Air Conditioner that does not offer this feature. So looking at all features is just as important as cost.

The Energy-Efficient Haier ESAQ406P Has Great Reviews And A Good One To Consider

The ENERGY STAR Qualified 6050 BTU Haier ESAQ406P will cool a room quicker than other air conditioners and do it efficiently. This Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner is for small rooms no more than 250 sq. ft. However this company offers options for bigger rooms. Some great features include its several modes of operation including Cool, Energy Saver, Fan and Dehumidify, its quiet operation, air filter for those with allergies, timer, and better air flow due to its cross flow fan. Click below fore more info:

Portable Air Coolers: The Best Portable Indoor and Outdoor Air Coolers

Portable Air Coolers are portable air conditioners that can be easily moved from room to room. Some can even be brought outside. Basically they go where you need them. Portable Air Coolers are energy-efficient and their portability offering options makes them a good investment. Below are some options. Click here to see ll Portable Air Coolers:

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