Going Green is not just for
the colder months

It is for Spring and Summer too! We offer Energy-Saving
options to keep you cool during the day...
and keep you and your family cool
and comfortable at night!

It is for winter months too

Our Site Can Help You Save Money on Your
Heating and Electric Bills

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Help save the environment too!

There are many low cost heating and cooling
solutions on the market these days that
promote green living

Being Energy Efficient is for all months
of the year!

So let our site help you,
your family and pets
enjoy a comfortable
warm cozy winter
and cool summer

Our site is a resource for energy-efficient heaters, heating & cooling
solutions and other natural energy-saving options

Some New Pet Warming Solutions
Go Green and Healthy Info
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Wall Panel Heaters

Best Resource for Energy-Efficient Homes

Resource for the Best Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating, Energy-Efficient Warming, Cooling & More

Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. As site owner I needed to find out the best options for energy-efficient warming. I live in Maine. The winters here are brutal! So we offer many Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating options.

Our site is a resource for Maine Energy-Efficient Homes and everywhere else. We cover:

  • energy-efficient cooling
  • energy-efficient warming
  • heating solutions
  • other natural energy-saving options

Energy-Efficient Warming Options

Heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more. Wall Panel Heaters are a great low cost option for an Energy-Efficient Heater.

You can save a lot of money on your heating bills with these energy efficient heaters. Read our Amaze-Heater vs. Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater Review. There’s other low cost energy-efficient warming solutions too.

Low Cost Energy Efficient Green Heating and Cooling and More

So get a few for your rooms. And turn the thermostat down! I use these Alternative Heating for Homes as my primary heating source. We also offer options for going green, solar power, wind power, energy efficient generators and more.

What are the most energy-efficient cooling options? We offer several types of energy efficient air conditioners that are for your window. And we have some portable indoor/outdoor air coolers as well as low cost and powerful Air Circulator Fans and evaporative coolers.

Unique Bird Feeders for Your Home
Solar Powered Gadgets
Best Portable ACs
Best Air Purifiers

Energy-Efficient Warming Options for the Colder Months

When Fall and Winter arrive and the cold weather returns….will you prepared?

Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating

The cold weather doesn’t mean you should forget about being energy-efficient. Quite the contrary. We offer several possibilities for Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating to accomplish this and save money. And best of all…Stay Warm and Comfortable. So find out about Energy-Efficient Heating:

What Is New For Energy-Efficient Warming?

Keep You and Your Pets Real warm this Winter! 3 low cost energy-efficient alternative heating for homes options, Dog Warming and More

Here’s some Low Cost Energy-Efficient Warming Solutions. These include Dog Warming Products and 3 alternative low cost green alternative heating for homes solutions. Save Money on Your Heating and Electric Bills.

To start here’s 3 alternative heating solutions below. These can keep you and your pets warm. Just click to read more and to see the positive reviews on Amazon:

Pets Certainly Feel Hot and Cold Too!

Some Energy-Efficient Warming Solutions for Pets

In the colder months Dog Warming Products make sense. Check out these products below including self-warming beds and much more. These include some on Amazon. Just click for more info and to read the Amazon reviews:

What’s New For Energy-Efficient Homes?

Some Low Cost Energy-Efficient Warming Solutions For Your Home

In The Spotlight: 3 Great Energy-Efficient Warming Solutions

3 Energy-Efficient Wall Heaters that can work together

Low Cost Energy-Efficient Heating for Homes: 3 Low Cost Alternative Heating Solutions

It seems we’ve been trained to set our furnace at a certain temperature and assume that’s all one can do to battle colder months. But this is not the case. There’s Low Cost Alternative Heating Solutions for homes. These can cut down on how often the furnace starts or can even be your primary heat source.

Even energy-efficient furnaces cost more to run. After all these still require electricity and fuel. And these days fuel costs have gone up and will probably continue to rise. I added 3 low cost heaters to work together to save money. click here to read more.

In The Spotlight Too: A Powerful Solar and Wind Powered Generator

Nature’s Generator – 1800W Solar and Wind Powered Generator – Gold System

This is a new energy-efficient portable and powerful generator that not only uses solar power but wind power too! And the price isn’t bad either…under $1000. It can run refrigerators, electric lawn mowers and other appliances. So it is quite powerful. Just click to read the positive reviews on Amazon and find out more about this Wind and Solar Power Generator…

Cooling Cool Pillows and Cool Pillow Mat Inserts to help with sleep

All Year Round Cool Sleep Solutions

Did you know a cool room can help you sleep better no matter what season? There’s many options…to find out about them click here.

Heat Blocking Products To Help Keep Your Home Cool Or Warm

Heat Blocking Products Help Protect From Cold Weather Too

Did you know there’s some Heat Blocking Products for cold and heat? These help keep your home cool in the Summer and warm in Winter. These include film, blackout curtains and foil. All are easy to apply. The window tint film also gives privacy and can be decorative too. The thermal insulated blackout curtains also offer protection from cold. Just click below to see all options:

Heat and Cold Blocking Products

Alternatives to AC: The Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler and Air Circulator Fan
Dog Cooling Products for the warmer months
Many Unique Green Gifts for Everyone!
Visit our Natural Green Pets Store

A Great Year-Round Option for Staying Warm and Cool!

Whether You Want To Stay Warm in Colder Months or Stay Cool If You Can’t Have A Pool – The Portable Hot Tub Can Help!

So it’s hot and you can’t have a pool to cool off in. What I did in the past was use a Portable Hot Tub as a cold tub. I just don’t heat the water in the warmer months. And the best part about going this route is it can be used in the colder months as a Portable Hot Tub! Below are 4 great options with great reviews to consider on Amazon. Just click to see all. No matter what season you can be comfortable and enjoy a Portable Hot Tub:

Mold Harms Your Home and Your Body
Solar Powered Gifts
Best Air Purifiers
Cool Sleep Help – Cooling Pillows, Cooling Mattress Pads, Gel Mattress Toppers and Cool Pillow Mat Inserts…


Your Resource for Low Cost Energy Efficient Cooling, Heating and More

Your Resource for Low Cost Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling, Green Heating and More Energy Saving Heating and Cooling Options: Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. Our site is a resource for energy efficient cooling and low cost green heating solutions and other natural energy-saving options. What are the most energy-efficient cooling options? We offer several types from energy efficient air conditioners that are for your window and some portable indoor/outdoor air coolers as well as low cost and powerful Air Circulator Fans. Heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Wall Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more. Wall Panel Heaters can be your primary heat source. There’s solar generators, wind and solar power and heat and cold blocking that can help too and much more! We can even help you solve cold bathroom issues.

About Energy Efficient Warming and Cooling Options: Our Mission

As site owner…I believe in going green and energy conservation. Over a decade ago I start using wall panel heaters to heat most rooms in my home. And I was quite pleased with the result. Over the years I told contractors, friends and others about these Energy Efficient heaters. I was shocked that no one heard of them before.

I still run into people who don’t know they can use these Energy Efficient heaters to reduce their utility bills and energy consumption. So I decided to make it my mission to let people know that these low cost, safe, easy to use heaters and options exist. There’s Energy Efficient cooling options too. Click here to read more…

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