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Your Resource for Low Cost Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling, Green Heating and More Energy Saving Heating and Cooling Options: Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. Our site is a resource for energy efficient cooling and low cost green heating solutions and other natural energy-saving options. What are the most energy-efficient cooling options? We offer several types from energy efficient air conditioners that are for your window and some portable indoor/outdoor air coolers as well as low cost and powerful Air Circulator Fans. Heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Wall Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more. Wall Panel Heaters can be your primary heat source. There’s solar generators, wind and solar power and heat and cold blocking that can help too and much more! We can even help you solve cold bathroom issues.

As site owner…I believe in going green and energy conservation. Over a decade ago I start using Energy Saving Heaters called wall panel heaters to heat most rooms in my home and was quite pleased with the result. Over the years I told contractors, friends and others about these Energy Saving Heaters and was shocked that no one heard of them before. As I still run into people who don’t know they can use these Energy Saving Heaters to reduce their utility bills and energy consumption I decided to make it my mission to let people know that these low cost, safe, easy to use heaters and options for Energy Saving Heaters exist. Thus my site, MyEnergyEfficientHouse.com, was created and I hope what you read here helps you and your family!

Air Circulator Fan – Step Above Traditional Fans

For rooms where you can’t or just don’t have AC…the Air Circulator Fan is really the next best thing and low cost too. It’s a bit different and better than typical fans that just blow air. The Air Circulator Fan really circulates the air throughout the room and thus cooling the room. The Vornado is the one I like the best. I was so impressed with the first one I bought a second one! Here’s some to consider including some on Amazon. Just click below on the photo image to learn more and see the great reviews and all options on Amazon…

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