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Alternative Heating For Homes

Alternative Ways of Heating Your House With Wall Heaters

It seems we’ve been trained to set our furnace at a certain temperature and assume that’s all one can do to battle colder months. But this is not the case. There’s Low Cost Alternative Heating for homes. These can cut down on how often the furnace starts or can even be your primary heat source. Even energy-efficient furnaces cost more to run. After all these still require electricity and fuel. And these days fuel costs have gone up and will probably continue to rise. I added wall panel heaters to each room of my home. I use these heaters most of the time now. The temperature outside determines how often the furnace is turned on. I recently experience temperature close to 0 at night. And this is the time I use the furnace more. But I still use my Wall Heaters as much as possible to keep costs down. Wall heaters save me a lot of money. And I use them as my primary heat source. Up to this year I used wall panel heaters and my furnace. But this year I added 2 more wall heaters. So below are the 3 Low Cost Alternative Heating Solutions I bought on Amazon to use to heat my home. Just click for more info and to read the reviews:

3 Energy-Efficient Wall Heaters that can work together

1. In The Spotlight: New! Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater – Low Cost Cold Room – Cold Bathroom Heater

A Low Cost Powerful Cold Room – Cold Bathroom Heater That Is Not A Portable Wall Heater But There’s a Portable Version Too

If you don’t need portable wall heater this is probably your best bet. The Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater installs on a wall and therefore not portable but there is a portable version… Once installed it is a powerful 1000 watt wall heater. It comes with a remote, has a thermostat, has economy mode setting, can heat 600 sq. ft… So I bought it on Amazon as my Cold Bathroom Heater Solution. As it has a thermostat I will leave it on for real cold nights to protect the pipes. For other cold rooms I have the portable version and also have the option of using my little heater below on this page too. For more info and great reviews…just click to find out more. This one of the best alternative heating for homes!

2. The Energy-Efficient Wall Heater That Works With Wall Panel Heaters

We talked about using Wall Panel Heaters as Primary Heating. But here’s a small wall heater you can add to make Wall Panel Heaters work even better as primary heating. When it is close to 0 outside it is impossible to not have the furnace come on at all to be comfortable. However, using this little heater with Wall Panel Heaters definitely helps for the furnace to come on less often. It can quickly take the chill out of a cold room like a cold bathroom. It also helps cold rooms that have a closed door. While it’s not as good in real big open rooms it can help if you sit within say 6 feet or so from this heater and are using Wall Panel Heaters.

While Wall Panel Heaters are great sometimes you just need to get a room warmed up quickly. That’s where this little Plug In Wall Heater can help. It works great for cold bathrooms but works well in other rooms too especially ones with closed doors. So below are the tests for this Plug In Wall Heater. It can work well with a Wall Panel Heaters or by itself to turn the thermostat down and have the furnace on less often. And please note my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! I can honestly say if I didn’t have this little heater to help I would have put the furnace on. This comes in second as one of the best Alternative Heating Solutions. Just read our review:

Insta Heater Review

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3. A Portable Wall Panel Heater With More Options

Freestanding, Paintable Slimline, Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heater

I truly love the Amaze-Heater and EconoHeater but wanted a portable Wall Panel Heater and the 400 Watt VonHaus Wall Panel Heater is a Portable Wall Panel Heater. You have the option of installing it on the wall or just use the legs that come in the package for making it a portable Wall Panel Heater. So when I opened the package I quickly found the legs to make it a portable Wall Panel Heater as that was my goal. The first issue I ran into was removing the sticker from the heater. It did not come off easily. But eventually I got it off. I next added the legs but these were not easy to screw in and adjust so the heater would not fall but got it to work. I read the manual and saw there’s a smell for initial use. So I put it in a spare room and closed the door. The smell did go a way. The smell was quite different from Amaze-Heater and EconoHeater. Those smelled like plastic or paint burning. I also read in the manual that a ventilated room is a good idea for first use.

As the smell was gone it was time to move the heater to my large living room where I have a 400 watt and 600-watt Amaze-Heater that heat the room fine on days above 32 degrees. I use Wall Panel Heaters as primary heat source. My furnace is secondary heat source. So I wanted a portable Wall Panel Heater so I could position it in some problem areas on real cold days…and find this VonHaus 400 Watt Wall Panel Heater certainly does the job of heating a room. In a room with a door closed it can work alone to heat the room up nicely. Like other Wall Panel Heaters…they are very energy-efficient and you can paint them. I love that the 400 Watt VonHaus Wall Panel Heater offers portability. And the legs mean easy installation too…you just put the legs on! The next closest thing for easy installation is the Amaze-Heater with the no drill option but it is not portable. So I highly recommend the VonHaus 400 Watt Wall Panel Heater. I love it! So for more info and to read the Amazon reviews…just click below. Please note that there is a version on Amazon below that is 450 watt but it is not portable and must be installed on the wall. But it has great Amazon reviews too:

And here’s more info about Alternative Heating For Homes:

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