Alternative to AC: The Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler

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Evaporative Air Coolers and Personal Air Coolers

Below these Evaporative Air Coolers is a personal air cooler. If one is close to it then it can help. But Evaporative Air Coolers can cool a room. Both have one thing in common. These can really help some people but not others. Find out why and if these can help you:

The Evaporative Cooler Can Cool Rooms But...

An Alternative to AC…just click on the link to go to Amazon to learn more about this cool product for you…for your pets. The Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler is probably the next best thing to AC. This energy-saving fan is small and portable plus no freon needed. It is also an air humidifier so can be used when conditions are dry. You simply add water or water and ice for a personal cooling experience. And you can even add some essential oil for aromatherapy. So you can cool yourself or your pets. It’s a great energy-saving alternative to AC. Just click on the photo image to learn more and see some of the great reviews. It does help. I own one. And on real hot days I tested it many times and it does work. But you need to add the ice. And don’t expect it to cool the whole room. It is a personal cooler and meant to cool you if you sit next to it. It also works best with humidity below 60%. So with those expectations it works great for me. I would not part with mine. And for best results add the ice. It works!

Here’s the Portable AC fan being used for Sweetie. When not home it is turned around and turned on for Sweetie on hot days. I add the ice as that worked the best. It runs cool for about 2-3 hrs with ice.

portable AC fan for pets
Portable AC fan for pets. When not home it is turned around for Sweetie on hot days!
Here's another brand for the Ice Fan Cooler on Amazon with some positive reviews on Amazon. there's some negative too but again expectrations. It is not meant to cool a whole room...:
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Below is another alternative to AC…the Air Circulator Fan…

Air Circulator Fan – Step Above Traditional Fans

For rooms where you can’t or just don’t have AC…the Air Circulator Fan is really the next best thing and low cost too. It’s a bit different and better than typical fans that just blow air. The Air Circulator Fan really circulates the air throughout the room and thus cooling the room. The Vornado is the one I like the best. I was so impressed with the first one I bought a second one! Here’s some to consider including some on Amazon. Just click below on the photo image to learn more and see the great reviews and all options on Amazon:

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The Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan Is Far From The Average Window Fan

I was looking for a good Window Fan and the Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan caught my eye. The way it works is when the conditions outside are dryer and cooler than inside a room it turns itself on automatically. It can work with your AC and its thermostat or without. When used in conjunction with an AC it cools the room on cool dry days and your AC will thus be used for when it is hot and humid outside. By going this route it provides an Energy-Efficient Cooling Solution plus saves on cooling bills. It’s meant to remain in the window for use, includes protection from rain, works while raining, and has louvers so hot air stays outdoors and cool air inside. It does lack a filter for allergy sufferers. But all in all seems like a great Energy-Efficient Cooling Solution for Summer. It has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon…just click on the link to see all.

Alternatives to AC: The Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler and Air Circulator Fan
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