Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heater Review

Amaze-Heater Review vs. Econo-Heater – Both Are A Great Choice!

I’ve used Econo-Heaters for well over 12 years and for the past 4 years or so have used Amaze-Heaters as well. So here is my Amaze-Heater Review vs. Econo-Heater. Overall I’ve been pleased with both and I have definitely saved a lot on my electric bills with both. The only complaints for these wall panels heaters is the initial odor after installation but this usually disappears over a few days of use or less. And both can get cracks eventually but usually these can be fixed with silicone and still be safe. I saw a video showing how the Amaze-Heater can have 1/4 of its surface missing and still be safe! So not much of a complaint. I love both Wall Panel Heaters. Support for both heaters is excellent as they will replace a truly flawed heater. I had one Amaze-Heater where the smell continued on endlessly and support replaced it. One issue that has to do with the cracks is these wall panel heaters can be fragile. You do need to be careful installing and be careful with them. However, I have couple of the original Econo-Heaters from many years back. They both have cracks but were fixed with the silicone and still working fine. As far as heating a room, the older Econo-Heaters seem to throw off less heat than the newer models or the Amaze-Heaters but I guess that would make sense as they are older models. Both new models of these Wall Panel Heaters definitely heat rooms with doors closed. Sometimes they heated the rooms so well I had to turn them off in the middle of the night! I love both Wall Panel Heaters so much I use them in every room of my home and the furnace comes on far less often than without them. So I highly recommend the Amaze-Heater and Econo-Heater.

Our Most Popular and Best Heaters: The Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heaters

Have Your Furnace Start Less Often Or Not At All! Amaze-Heaters offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

The Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heaters really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start far less often in the winter or not start at all depending on the weather! There are days were all you will need are the wall panel heaters to heat your home. While these heaters work best in rooms with closed doors, they do work in larger rooms without doors as well and you can have more than one of these wall panel heaters in these types of rooms. The pros outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters. Another cool thing about these heaters is that if you are artistic you can paint an image on them! And best of all the Amaze-Heaters and Cozy-Heaters offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!:

Amaze-Heaters Are A Great Choice for Any Size Room

Amaze-Heaters…one of my favorite Wall Panel heaters that I use when cold out…here’s 3 types…just click to see Amazon reviews and to find out more:

This is good for a large room or open area that may need two depending on the size of the area and personal preference...:
Amaze-Heater Wall Mounted Electric Heater, Heat Reflector, 400 Watt
This one is great for a 10x10 ft bedroom with a closed door:
Amaze-Heater 600 Watt Electrical Wall Mounted Convective Heater
and this one is great for sitting at desks:
Amaze-Heater Under Desk Space Warmer, 100 Watt, 120 Volt

Plus for Amaze-Heaters:

Econo-Heaters Are Great For Bedrooms

This is the model I have in my office and works fine overall and I'm pleased with it:
Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater, White
This is the latest new model that offers protection from the cracking issue wall panel heaters are known for so if you are concerned about cracking you may want to find out more about this model:
Wall Mount Space Heater Panel- 400 Watt Convector Heater, 120V Electric Heat Reflector | Ideal for 200 Sq Ft Room | Save Up to 50% of Heating Cost | Crack Resistant Triple Reinforced | 3 Yr Warranty

I’ve used space heaters and electric fireplaces but the electric wall panel heaters impress me the most. They are not exactly nice looking like a fireplace but in typical-sized rooms (10×10 or 12×12) with a closed door, they really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start less often in the winter. The pros do outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters…

The Pros:

  • energy-efficient
  • easy to install (The Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heaters even offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!)
  • easy to use
  • safer than fireplaces
  • do not cost a lot to buy
  • small in size and flat on walls
  • can be painted

The Cons:

  • Can be fragile

Regarding being fragile…certain models like the original econo-heaters can be like eggs. If hit or not installed right they can crack. But in fairness, the crack if not severe can be fixed with silicone caulking. But there’s other wall panel heaters that are a bit less fragile like the Amaze-Heater. I’ve cracked a few econo-heaters in the past and either the manufacturer replaced the unit if it cracked within the warranty time or told me how to fix it. But being fragile is really the only negative thing I can say about wall panel heaters. They are awesome!

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Amaze-Heater & Cozy-Heater Ezymount Heater Mounting System

The Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

No difficult, messy installation or need to hire a handyman. Quick and easy! It works for 250, 400 and 600 watt size Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater wall panel heaters. A definite advantage for this type of heater!

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