Haven’t Used Furnace Yet in Maine – Wall Heaters as Primary Source Heat

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Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source – It Can Work!
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Did It Work? A December 2020 Update

The Furnace Was Still Not Used For Heating – My Wall Heaters as Primary Source Heat Solution Worked!

This is a December 2020 Update. The furnace was still not used for heating. So using wall heaters like below works. It is a Green Heating solution. And the temperature remains mid-70s for the large living room. And the rest of the rooms being used are quite comfortable too. The temperature in Maine has been in the 20’s at night sometimes. Wall Heaters as Primary Source Heat does work!

Wall Heaters To Help Not Turn Furnace On

January and Single Digits…Haven’t Used Furnace Yet – Find Out How

It’s now 2020 and I had success with Wall Heaters as Primary Heat Source. However I did run into a snag. My original goal was 68 degrees. But I now have a housemate with a medical condition (Thyroid Gland Issues). He needs 72 degrees. So can I still heat home with wall heaters? The answer is YES! I modified the setup a bit. For the large open living room I now have these below in place strategically placed. Some days it’s near zero degrees and this setup works:

amaze-heater and heat storm heater sid by side

The kitchen which is attached to the living room making it even more difficult to heatHowever, it has the 600 watt amaze-heater too. Both the 600 watt amaze heater and Heat Storm heater are now side by side next to the recliner in the living room. There’s also a 400 watt Amaze Heater in the room too. These Amaze Heaters are used primarily. Then I use the Heat Storm heater when I need more heat. Another type of Heat Storm heater is in the hallway. And heats the bathroom too and more areas. So all helps for the 72 degrees goal and Wall Heaters as Primary Source Heat.

How Wall Heaters Can Be Your Primary Source Heat

Selecting the Best Wall Heaters For The Job

There’s all types of wall heaters including wall panel heaters and they are all different in what they offer, their pros and cons and some are better than others. These are the ones I use alone below or as combo below as Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source. I find I turn the furnace on less often. During the day I find the best combo for the current situation. Homes vary and people are comfortable at different temperatures. I’m OK with 68 degrees and that’s my goal. My new goal is 72 degrees. Modification to setup made this a reality too. Some people think 68 degrees is too cold. Some people want every room in the home to be the same temperature. I don’t. If I’m not using a room for a while I don’t always heat it. For me some rooms with doors I even get too hot at times. But no matter what Wall Heaters can make the furnace come on less often. I also use Wall Heaters for Cold Bathrooms. They help a Cold Bathroom a lot and are alternative heating for homes. Wall Heaters are low cost home heating alternatives.

Right now I’m using these low cost energy efficient heaters as Primary Heating Source. These are alternative energy efficient heating options. This does not mean I don’t turn my furnace on at all. I turn it on far less often so save money.

Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source
Outdoor Heating Solutions
Energy-Efficient Portable Generators
Energy-Efficient Portable Fireplaces
Wall Panel Heaters

Other Wall Panel Heaters

These are my favorite heaters. I use either the Insta Heater or the Heat Storm with wall panel heaters on colder days and nights. I’d say I use wall panel heaters the most. They cost pennies a day to use!

Also In The Spotlight and New for Fall and Winter: The Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater That is Crack Resistant To Warm Your Pets, Kids and You!

I use Amaze-Heaters and older Econo-Heaters in my home as primary heating source and one problem with these heaters has been cracking which is usually fixable or contact support for help to remedy. This new Econo-Heater is Crack Resistant so sounds real good to me. To read the reviews and for more info just click on the link…

A New Portable Wall Panel Heater That Does Not Need Installation On Wall At All!

I’ve been looking for a wall panel heater that does not need installation and found it on Amazon and it’s even portable! This the one I bought:

VonHaus 400W Wall Mounted Electric Flat Panel Heater – Freestanding, Paintable Slimline, Low Energy Eco Ceramic Convector Space Heater – 23.5″ x 23.5″ x 0.4″

The Energy-Efficient Wall Heater That Works With Wall Panel Heaters

We talked about using Wall Panel Heaters as Primary Heating. But here’s a small wall heater you can add to make Wall Panel Heaters work even better as primary heating….click here to learn more and click here to find out how it works with wall panel heaters.

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Amaze-Heater & Cozy-Heater Ezymount Heater Mounting System

The Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

No difficult, messy installation or need to hire a handyman. Quick and easy! It works for 250, 400 and 600 watt size Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater wall panel heaters. A definite advantage for this type of heater!

Wall Heaters as Primary Source Heat – Mission Accomplished!

I’ve used space heaters and electric fireplaces but the electric wall panel heaters impress me the most. They are not exactly nice looking like a fireplace but in typical-sized rooms (10×10 or 12×12) with a closed door, they really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start less often in the winter. The pros do outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters…

The Pros:

  • energy-efficient
  • easy to install (The Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heaters even offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!)
  • easy to use
  • safer than fireplaces
  • do not cost a lot to buy
  • small in size and flat on walls
  • can be painted

The Cons:

  • Can be fragile
  • There’s usually a brief initial smell but if lasts for a long time just contact support

Regarding being fragile…certain models like the original econo-heaters can be like eggs. If hit or not installed right they can crack. But in fairness, the crack if not severe can be fixed with silicone caulking. But there’s other wall panel heaters that are a bit less fragile like the Amaze-Heater. I’ve cracked a few econo-heaters in the past and either the manufacturer replaced the unit if it cracked within the warranty time or told me how to fix it. But being fragile is really the only negative thing I can say about wall panel heaters. They are awesome!

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