Insta Heater Review – A Great Small Portable Heater for a Cold Bathroom

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For this review of a heater for cold bathroom my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! I can honestly say if I didn’t have this little heater to help I would have put the furnace on.

Mini Small Portable Insta Heater Ceramic Space Heater

Do you have a cold bathroom or another room that is cold? Well this is a heater for cold bathroom issues plus can help warm other rooms too. The Insta Heater is a very small portable plugin space heater. When I took it out of the box I simply plugged it into my cold bathroom’s outlet and this little 600 watt heater went to work and I quickly started to feel warm in my cold bathroom. It’s certainly great for a small room like a bathroom. It works well in other rooms especially if you are near where it is plugged in. So I was quite impressed with this little heater. However I was also not impressed that the remote did not come with batteries. I had to order some. Once I added the batteries and tried using the remote I found out the remote doesn’t seem to ever shut the heater off. To make matters worse the box did not include a manual or instructions. So that made using the remote very difficult. But then thinking more…why does one need a remote? All one has to do is plug it in a wall and there’s heat. That is the purpose of this little heater and as long as that works (and it does) you really don’t need a remote.

Performance in Other Rooms

I have tried it in a large 20×14 ft room that was 62 degrees and had 1 wall panel heater on at the time. I wanted to see if adding this little heater would make any difference and guess what it did. And please note my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! By adding the Insta Heater the large room’s temperature went up 4 degrees after 45 minutes. But I did feel warmer after about 15 minutes of adding it. The wall panel heater was 5 feet from my recliner and on the opposite site the Insta Heater was 6 feet from me. The next room I tested the heater in was a cold (58 degrees) 12×10 room with closed door. No other heat was on. I left it in there for 20 minutes and when I went back the thermometer was up by a few degrees and definitely felt warmer. Leaving the heater on longer made it even warmer the next time I checked. In general the closer you are to the heater the more warmth. So it can definitely help. However, if you are expecting a quick 90 degree room from cold look elsewhere!

So this little heater has some pros and these include:

  • its small size
  • being energy-efficient
  • being portable and powerful (600 watt)
  • its high & low speeds
  • having auto-shut off and cool case for safety
  • no installation…you simply plug it in

I bought my Insta Heater on Amazon and below is the link to find out more and read the mixed reviews too. The reviews are mixed due to the remote issues and also not being able to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit but all you need to do is google “convert celsius to fahrenheit” and go by that. All in all a great heater that does its job so I highly recommend!


What Else Can you Do for a Cold Bathroom?

Putting plastic on the windows may help. Below is the one I’ve been using for all my windows on Amazon. It is supposed to be clear but it’s opaque. And this seems to be true for other similar products:

This one is thick but supposed to be clear as looking out a window so may be a better option if you want clear:

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