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Looking for a Portable High Energy-Efficient AC? This AC has a lot of green features. Click below to find out more and read the positive reviews on Amazon:

Let’s face it…many people have a hard time every Spring installing their ACs and then at the end of Summer taking out them. Some people have to hire others to help them with this. That can get costly and annoying! The Portable Air Coolers provide a good alternative to this. Portable Air Coolers are portable air conditioners that can be easily moved from room to room. So you can bring the Portable Air Coolers where ever you desire. And as you can do this you won’t needs an AC in multiple rooms. Some can even be brought outside. Basically they go where you need them. Portable Air Coolers are energy-efficient and their portability offering options makes them a good investment. Below are some options on Amazon and more…just click below to see all and find out more info:

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Alternatives to AC: The Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler and Air Circulator Fan
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Keep You and Your Pets Cool This Summer! Here’s a Resource for the Best Low Cost Energy-Efficient Cooling, Energy-Efficient Heaters & Alternative Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. Our site is a resource for energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions and other natural energy-saving options. Click here to learn more… Here’s 3 alternatives to AC below…just click to see the positive reviews on Amazon…plus other ways to keep your pet cool below these…:

I was looking for a good Window Fan and this Smart Window Fan caught my eye. The way it works is when the conditions outside are dryer and cooler than inside a room it turns itself on automatically. It can work with your AC and its thermostat or without. Click below to learn more:

I have a few of these now…they definitely are better than traditional fans: