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Not all Air Conditioners are Energy-Efficient and neither are all Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners alike. The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners offer more for your money. There’s a lot to consider like the size of the room you plan to put an Air Conditioner in. For example, if you put an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner meant for a small room into a large room it will not work efficiently. Some have different modes of operation like a dehumidify mode that can get rid of humidity quicker than an Air Conditioner that does not offer this feature. So looking at all features is just as important as cost.

The Energy-Efficient Haier ESAQ406P Has Great Reviews And A Good One To Consider

The ENERGY STAR Qualified 6050 BTU Haier ESAQ406P will cool a room quicker than other air conditioners and do it efficiently. This Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner is for small rooms no more than 250 sq. ft. However this company offers options for bigger rooms. Some great features include its several modes of operation including Cool, Energy Saver, Fan and Dehumidify, its quiet operation, air filter for those with allergies, timer, and better air flow due to its cross flow fan. Click below fore more info:

ESAQ406P Serenity Series 22

Below are other Energy-Efficient Window Air Conditioners including some for under $200:

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