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An Alternative to Air Conditioners – The Vornado Air Circulator Fan

For rooms where you can’t or just don’t have AC…the Vornado Air Circulator Fan is really the next best thing and low cost too. It’s a bit different and better than typical fans that just blow air. This Air Circulator Fan really circulates the air throughout the room and thus cooling the room. I really like the Vornado Air Circulator Fan. I was so impressed with the first one I bought a second one! The two I own are the Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator. These are great for normal Summer days. I used mine in two ways. First I have a den I like to watch TV in and relax in the evening but do not have an AC in the window. I was surprised how many evening throughout last Summer I felt comfortable in the room with just this fan. I have a 5000 BTU AC in my bedroom and added the second Vornado Fan for added cooling and comfort. And by adding Cool Pillow Mat Insert I can have a great night of sleep even on the hottest nights with this combo of three! The Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan is a very quiet and powerful fan. It has 3 speed settings and offers both horizontal or vertical airflow positions and can move air up to 60 feet.

Here’s some other Vornado Fans to consider:

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