Wall Heaters As Primary Heating – How To Use Multiple Wall Heaters

Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source
You can use Wall Heaters As Primary Heating. While Wall Panel Heaters are great sometimes you just need to get a room warmed up quickly. That’s where this little Plug In Wall Heater (and another great wall heater can help). It works great for cold bathrooms but works well in other rooms too especially ones with closed doors. So below are the tests for this Plug In Wall Heater.

It can work well with a Wall Panel Heaters or by itself to turn the thermostat down and have the furnace on less often. And please note my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! I can honestly say if I didn’t have this little heater to help I would have put the furnace on. When it is close to 0 outside it is impossible to not have the furnace come on at all to be comfortable. However, using this little heater with Wall Panel Heaters definitely helps for the furnace to come on less often. It can quickly take the chill out of a cold room like a cold bathroom. It also helps cold rooms that have a closed door. While it’s not as good in real big open rooms it can help if you sit within say 6 feet or so from this heater and are using Wall Panel Heaters… Click here to find out more…

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